Maintaining healthy profits, lean operations and strong cash flow have never been more important!

For nearly twenty years, business owners have trusted Bourget and Associates, Inc. to assist them in maximizing the bottom line and cash position. Our dedicated team of professionals provides a wide variety of consulting services aimed to provide the highest benefits at very affordable costs.  We have been engaged to provide the following services:

  • Review internal accounting controls and procedures to enable management to
          obtain a commercial line of credit.
  • Assist management with accounting system conversions and implementations.
  • Evaluate diamond and precious metals controls and procedures.
  • Implement precious metals accounting controls.
  • Observe and value physical inventories.
  • Compile and present historical financial reports for management review.
  • Prepare extensive financial budgets and forecasts.
  • Assist management to support insurance claims.
  • Evaluate adequacy of physical security procedures and controls.
  • Provide vault and inventory custodianship.

Our team of professionals will provide comprehensive support through investigations, unique prospective and timely communications.

Contact us to discuss your needs.   We can help you!